There is still time to visit Loulé’s Textile Exhib...

There is still time to visit Loulé’s Textile Exhibition “Transformação” featuring Portuguese artists

Transformação Loulé Criativo © Vasco Águas - 3

Loulé Criativo is hosting a collective exhibition of eight artists until October 28

The exhibition, curated by Vasco Águas who is also a featured artist, focuses on the concept of transformation, a term closely connected to the textile universe, which has “multiple forms and approaches”.

Ana Rita de Albuquerque, Filipa Won, Graça Paz, Guida Fonseca, Maria Pratas, Rita Teles Garcia, Rita Sevilha, and Vasco Águas are presenting their artworks until 28 October.

According to the exhibition’s statement, “As artistic individuals, we firmly believe that the concept of transformation [transformação] plays a critical role in our creative process. Our quest to discover the vast and intricate world of textiles, including its various techniques, materials, and processes, has convinced us that they are the most constructive means of self-expression.”

For the artists, transformation is “in all its forms, an essential and constructive component of our growth and development as artists”.

In the course of developing artistic practices as artists, the artists have explored textiles in their most varied and multifaceted forms, whether through technique, material, or process.

The motto for this exhibition comes from a quote by Anni Albers about weaving: “Weaving is an example of a multifaceted craft. In addition to surface qualities such as rough and smooth, dull and shiny, and hard and soft, it also includes colour and, texture, which are the result of the construction of the fabrics. Like any craft, it can end in the production of useful objects or it can rise to the level of art.”

The exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Closed on Sundays and holidays. Entrance is free.


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