CORE Architects unveils Core & More 

CORE Architects unveils Core & More 

CORE Architects unveils Core & More - Alex Bogorodskiy

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Elevate your design dreams with unmatched excellence 

In the captivating landscapes of southern Portugal, the unassuming brilliance of CORE Architects has been quietly transforming spaces into architectural marvels. With a rich history of numerous successful projects across Europe and beyond, CORE Architects proudly introduces CORE & MORE – an exhilarating one-stop-shop for integrated, bespoke design services that promises to elevate your living experience. 

CORE Architects has earned its reputation as a powerhouse in green innovation, seamlessly blending aesthetics, well-being, and environmental consciousness. The core belief that beauty and sustainability can coexist harmoniously sets the foundation for each project, creating spaces that go beyond visual appeal. 

Distinguishing itself with an unwavering commitment to bespoke charm, CORE Architects intricately weaves cultural references, local inspirations, and modern functionalities into every project. The result is a unique and personalised touch that captures the essence of your vision. 

Recent developments see CORE Architects expanding its horizons with CORE & MORE, a venture into the world of comprehensive interior design. This dynamic extension brings forth a curated selection of unique interior décor and art pieces, coupled with custom bespoke furniture. Operating as the visionary curator, CORE Architects collaborates with prime builders to offer high-end quality at competitive prices. Their direct relationships with factories, both nationally and internationally, ensure the best quality at affordable rates, making a mark in the competitive market of the Algarve. 

Founder Anabela Macieira extends a heartfelt invitation, urging you to join the exhilarating journey of architectural excellence. Her vision transcends the ordinary, focusing on crafting lifestyles, promoting sustainability, and redefining luxury with a conscience. Anabela’s passion and commitment ensure that each project, whether boutique hotels or private residences, is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship. 

CORE Architects stands as a beacon of innovation, striking the perfect balance between grandeur and humility. The recent expansion into CORE & MORE is a testament to their commitment to providing clients with a holistic design experience that sparks excitement. As they welcome investors to be part of their projects, it is clear that CORE Architects remains a trailblazer, ready to inspire and motivate, inviting you to turn your design dreams into a vibrant and tangible energy efficient reality.  

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