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Meu Peito Feito Campo de Batalha by Manuela Pimentel 2023 Sovereign Portuguese Art Prize - Public Vote Winner

Photo: Meu Peito Feito Campo de Batalha by Manuela Pimentel 2023 Sovereign Portuguese Art Prize - Public Vote Winner

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Sovereign’s Portugal office was established in 1999 specifically to meet the growing demand for fiscal assistance from foreign investors, residents and retirees

In the last few years, Sovereign has expanded their services to include residency solutions, assisting clients from all over the world to obtain residency rights in Portugal.

Residency options are continuously evolving and Sovereign works on the understanding that residency planning must be approached on a holistic, individual basis, not from a perspective that one solution will fit all. 

Sovereign provides full guidance and support for:   

Golden Visa – Residency-by-Investment (RBI) Programmes, which provide individuals and their dependents with a residence permit and a variety of associated benefits in exchange for a wide range of investment and/or donation options. RBI Programmes usually have low minimum stay requirements and are therefore ideal for clients seeking to establish an alternative or second place of residence without having to radically change their existing arrangements.

D7 / Nomad Visas – Financially Independent Visa Programmes for applicants who can demonstrate a regular income and/or personal wealth above a specified amount. These programmes generally require applicants to make the chosen country their primary and tax residence.

Business Start-Up – Investment and Incubation Programmes, which provide residence permits to applicants who establish a new business or invest in an existing business, creating local economic activity and employment opportunities. The minimum initial investment requirement is relatively low in some cases. Sovereign works closely with applicants throughout their residency planning and application process to implement a comprehensive, flexible and tax efficient strategy.

This may involve or include any of the following Sovereign Group services: 

L International residency and citizenship programmes. 

L Tax residency. 

L Structuring using trusts and foundations. 

L Estate and succession planning. 

L International retirement plans. 

L Wealth management. 

L Corporate structures and banking. 

L International life and medical insurances. 

Continued support is provided to corporate and individual clients that require ongoing fiscal representation and accounting services for the letting of their Portuguese properties and submission of tax returns 

Contact Sovereign on [email protected] for further information or visit our website  


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