Spring Cleaning: How to refresh your home décor

Spring Cleaning: How to refresh your home décor

Spring Cleaning How to refresh your home décor

By: Alexandra Stilwell

Photo: Equilibrio Interiors

Organic textures, bold earthy colours and sustainable materials bring warmth and tranquillity to our homes this season

It is time for some spring cleaning, and with it comes a need to refresh our home décor. As we wake up to sunnier days and open our windows wide, interiors feel more in touch with nature, ditching the industrial look for softer surroundings.

As we banish gloomy greys this season, our homes are becoming a canvas for personal expression and creativity. Strong colour trends are bringing vivid hues, earthy tones, vanilla and shades of green to signal the start of spring.


According to Arnold Aarssen, creative director at Portimão architecture studio Studioarte, “one of the new needs in the interior is creating an isolated corner, whether to work or just make a private call. A switch-off section in your home”, a cocoon we can escape to for a relaxing moment.

To create this space, soft tones of cream, ecru and white are about to appear in our homes. “We are seeing a link in natural colours and organic, cosy materials. Earthy shades of beige, brown and eggshell, mostly applied in a monochromatic interior. Walls and ceilings are painted in the same colour,” Aarssen says.


“We have all had a bit too much ‘grey’ in our lives,” says interior designer Ingrid Parnis. The founder of Equilíbrio Interiors, in Almancil, believes we are now going back to beige, with “greige” – a combination of grey and beigebeing very popular. She also points out a significant shift from chrome to old gold and bronze, with more natural tones.

But it isn’t all about beige. Warm earthy tones with more pigment make a statement. Muddy, dusky pinks, ochre yellow, cobalt blue, moss, and olive green are used more. Colours and textures that make us feel uplifted and at ease at the same time.

Details come in stronger colours. “We call it the retro Miami resort trend,” explains Arnold Aarssen. “It’s just adding colour to accessories or certain furniture with a contra-colour. This can be a purple garden umbrella or the large blow-up flamingo in the pool. Or vibrant colours in a table setting, with eastern yellow plates and green accessories. It’s just an added trend after the Covid years to show happiness and brightness.”


When selecting colours, consider bright and bold hues reminiscent of the ocean and natural surroundings.

Equilibrio Interiors

Turquoise blues, botanical greens, coral pinks, and sunflower yellows are all excellent options,” says Daniela Serrano, marketing assistant at Quinta Style, in Almancil, who points out that Viva Magenta, an exuberant shade of red, is the Pantone colour for 2023.

Quinta Style

It may not be new, but the movement towards sustainable and eco-friendly materials is an undeniably growing trend, both in furniture and fabrics, with organic elements such as wood or stone. These materials add warmth and texture to a space and can be used in various ways, from accent walls to furniture pieces..


Natural fabrics like linen or cotton are becoming more popular, and so are textured materials, such as bouclé, mohair or wool, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Playing with contrasting colours and different textures is also a trend this season, creating a striking visual effect and adding depth and dimension to a room.

Statement vases and large plants are taking centre stage this season. These unique accents can add character to any living room or bedroom. “Vases are versatile accessories that come in many shapes, sizes, materials and colours to complement any décor style, creating a focal point within a room. They can also bring nature indoors by adding flowers or plants,” notes Daniela Serrano.

Arnold Aarssen agrees. For him, ceramic art pieces are the way to go: “Ceramic designer vases, organic shapes, and large plants with green leaves”, both indoors and outdoors.

Wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy which sees beauty in imperfection, is also staying this year. So, avoid an overly curated look. In fact, perfectly imperfect pieces and a dose of individuality are what will really set your home apart from the rest.


Floors also reflect the sustainable trend, with castle stone flooring in ceramics, classic natural-looking terracotta ceramic tiles and stone bricks, which can both be used indoors and outdoors. Another option is resin flooring in monochromatic natural colours, which are practical and easy to keep clean.

Lighting is crucial when creating a relaxing atmosphere. The lighting style will depend on the type of architecture and the room itself. However, a traditional chandelier can look great in a very modern house, creating striking contrasts.


Standing lamps come in various designs, from sleek and modern to more traditional and ornate. Some popular styles include tripod lamps, arc lamps, and torchiere lamps. When selecting a standing lamp, it’s essential to consider the size and scale of the lamp in the room,” advises Daniela Serrano. “An ample light may overpower a small space, whilst a small light may be lost in a larger room.”

It is also important to consider the type of bulb used, as this can impact the quality and colour of the light. Arnold Aarssen recommends dimmable lights with 3000 Kelvin for a warmer atmosphere. As for table or hanging lamps, these can be statement ‘60s designer lamps, bamboo or wooden frame lights or terracotta hanging fixtures for a more natural look.


Details, such as a scent or choice of plant, also play an essential role in decoration. Consider scented candles. A diffuser or a candle can continuously convey a feeling of wellness, with chamomile, green sencha, lavender, and cotton flower smells associated with spring. The details create the big picture and, this season, they are adding extra warmth and tranquillity to your home.


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