Three Restaurants in the Algarve in the World’s To...

Three Restaurants in the Algarve in the World’s Top 1000 Restaurants

Algarve Worlds Top 1000 Restaurants

By: Cameron Cobb

Algarve is in the World’s Top 1000 Restaurants

Last December, the online restaurant review guide LA LISTE unveiled the 2020 edition of its ranking for the “World’s Top 1000 Restaurants”, with three restaurants in the Algarve in the Top 1000 Restaurants — Vila Joya, Ocean Restaurant and Henrique Leis.

Henrique Leis

Henrique Leis in Loulé scored 77.00 out of 100 on LA LISTE’s scale, while Vila Joya in Albufeira and Ocean Restaurant at VILA VITA Parc in Porches each scored 98.00 and additionally made it to LA LISTE’s “World’s Top 50”. Including those in the Algarve, restaurants in Portugal accounted for a total of nine spots on the list.

Ocean Restaurant

LA LISTE’s “World’s Top 1000 Restaurants” list is selected annually based on globally renowned food guides and critic sources (such as Michelin, Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, The Telegraph and more).

Vila Joya

Based on information from 715 different guides, 350,000 trusted reviews, and over 58 million & counting scanned reviews, LA LISTE analyses this data for restaurants in over 195 countries and ranks them accordingly to offer “the best global restaurant selection handpicked by discerning food critics and expert guides” (as stated on the LA LISTE website). LA LISTE’s process is broken down into six steps:

  • Step 1 — Aggregation: Reviews of the world’s top restaurants according to more than 700 guidebooks and trusted publications are compiled into one massive database
  • Step 2 — Standardization: These reviews are then converted to a standard grading scale based on each guidebook’s specific conversion table (with scores ranging from 0 to 100)
  • Step 3 — Guide Grading: Thousands of chefs offer their opinions about local guidebooks, with these results giving guidebooks their overall “trustworthiness index” grade
  • Step 4 — Processing: For every listed restaurant, LA LISTA calculate the average of all standardized review scores (weighted by each source’s “trustworthiness index”
  • Step 5 — Customer Reviews: LA LISTE then incorporates customer reviews into the mix (with these reviews accounting for a 10% weighting in the final “LA LISTE score”)
  • Step 6 — LA LISTE: Finally, all restaurants in the database are ranked according to their “LA LISTE score”


The complete list of LA LISTE’s “World’s Top 1000 Restaurants” can be found here.


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