Carving the waves with eFoil

Photo: Eliza Green/FLITEBOARD

Quiet and emission-free, eFoil surfing is the perfect sport for soaring over the Algarve waters

The latest trend in watersports, eFoil surfing lets you surf above water and catch even the smallest waves, thanks to a hydrofoil on the tail and an electric propeller just above the wing.

The eFoil boards are controlled by a handheld Bluetooth remote, making them perfect for everyone, from beginners to pros. In fact, thanks to its simple and straightforward nature, mastering an eFoil board is fairly easy, with most people picking it up after just a few minutes. Another reason for this sport’s increasing popularity, aside from being very user-friendly, is the fact that it does not rely heavily on weather conditions or big waves.

Although quiet, to ensure surfers won’t disturb the peace at the beach, the electric motor on these boards can be very powerful. Models such as the Fliteboard Series 2 can go up to 55km/h and have a range of up to 40km with a battery capacity for two hours.

In Portugal, eFoil boards are available for purchase online directly with specialty brands, and through retailers such as Decathlon, starting at just under €6,000. But,  for those who prefer not to commit to buying, Algarve-based company Timeless Moments, in Vilamoura Marina, offers a one-day Fliteboard eFOIL experience.

Although fairly recent, these boards are becoming a common sight at beaches along the coast.

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