E is for electric: Mercede’s New EQ model

E is for electric: Mercede’s New EQ model

Mercede's New EQ - the EQE - back view

By: Guilherme Marques 

The new model in the EQ range is the EQE, a 100% electric luxury saloon that brilliantly combines Mercedes’ past and future

According to Mercedes, the biggest problem with the EQE is that demand is far greater than supply. Amid a worldwide component and logistics crisis that is outside the German manufacturer’s purview, it is simply not possible to produce enough EQEs to fulfil all orders.

It is also true that most of these orders come from a client who has never driven this car – they made the choice purely for its aesthetic and technological appeal. But when the opportunity arises, Essential Algarve can guarantee that the EQE will fully live up to expectations.

A test between Lisbon and Nazaré beach revealed a car that places itself directly among the best in the world in the 100% electric segment. The EQE offers a supreme experience in terms of comfort, reinforcing the German brand’s reputation in the midst of a transition to a reality powered by electricity. The entry version of the EQE 350+ has 292 horsepower, 595 Nm of torque and autonomy up to 654 km. It can go to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds and Mercedes allowed the EQE 350+ to reach a top speed of 210 km/h.

Visually, the EQ saloon range shows a curious return to the past in the form of a biodesign, which once again stands for the future. The rounded, strikingly organic lines create a very distinctive identity and set Mercedes apart from all competitors, who have opted for more aggressive looks that blend into each other.

Inside, quality is the motto, with the huge wheelbase offering plenty of space for all passengers, who are presented with a cabin that fuses the most traditional Mercedes positioning with a vision of what the future of cars will be, namely with the Hyperscreen, an option (unfortunately not available in the model tested) that reinforces the avantgarde style of this electric E-Class and that reflects the investment Mercedes has made so that the EQ range is a significant leap forward as far as the reality of the global car market is concerned. Behind the wheel, the driving experience is one of serenity, thanks to the comfort provided by the Airmatic suspension and the omnipresent silence at all times, the result of an excellent soundproofing job.

The EQE 350+ can be charged up to 170 kWh in direct current, which means that under ideal conditions it can restore 80% of its autonomy in just over 30 minutes. The range is completed by the EQE 500 and the AMG EQE 43 4Matic and EQE AMG 5

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