The Callum effect on Jaguar’s F-Pace

The Callum effect on Jaguar’s F-Pace

By: Guilherme Marques

It was time for Jaguar to step into the battle of prestigious SUVs, and the F-Pace is the right car at the right time for the English brand

Ian Callum is Jaguar’s design guru. If anyone is responsible for the aesthetic rebirth of the English feline, it’s Callum. Before his arrival in 1999, Jaguar was immersed in a retro-influenced aesthetic language which, combined with the mechanics from Ford, which owned the marque at the time, was sinking one of the most symbolic names in the motoring industry.

The transition began with Ian Callum and continued with the purchase of Jaguar by Tata Motors in 2008. With fresh money and creative freedom, the English, led by Callum, created defining models such as the XF, the new and controversial XJ and the magnificent F-Type. More recently, the XE caused a lot of headaches for the BMW 3 Series , and now it’s the F-Pace that promises to put the Porsche Cayenne and Macan and the rest of the German rivals in the shade.

With a fabulous design and extraordinary dynamic, the F-Pace is everything a Jaguar should be: solid, attractive, fast, fun to drive and with that sprinkling of magic dust that the Germans lost, thanks to its success and huge proliferation of models and sales volume.
A Jaguar is still a special car and in the high-end SUV market, the F-Pace is far more special than any of the competition.


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