A leading Algarve developer: Carvoeiro Branco’s vi...

A leading Algarve developer: Carvoeiro Branco’s visionary impact 

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A journey to transform and enrich 

Carvoeiro Branco, renowned as a leading developer in the Algarve and beyond, is not only revitalising areas by turning old buildings into lively homes but also creating new projects in the Algarve, making them spaces that are a joy to live in. Its innovative developments in the region cater to individuals of every nationality and age group. 

Projects like Atrium Liberdade, Vale da Pipa, Arade Premium Village, Primelife and Vale de Milho Village are just a few examples of the company’s capability to meet various needs, while maintaining high quality standards, a commitment to sustainability and ensuring excellent service. The firm places a strong emphasis on affordable housing, comfort, and safety, with a keen focus on positively impacting the local community. 

Erik de Vlieger, Founder and CEO of Carvoeiro Branco

The company is broadening its presence in the sports sector with the upcoming launch of Match Lagoa, a state-of-the-art football training facility that will also feature a hotel. Additionally, projects like The Court**** in Carvoeiro will provide more than 100 apartments, equipped with extensive sports facilities including padel courts, basketball courts, a large gym, and swimming pools.  

Erik de Vlieger is the founder and CEO of Carvoeiro Branco and the man behind its success and customer satisfaction. “I feel responsible for everything. I am always on top of what is happening in all the developments and what the residents need. I want them to know that we are a company they can count on,” emphasised the Dutch businessman. 

Match Lagoa

In addition to his flair for business, Erik is a creative, communicative and perceptive person who is extremely attentive to everyone he deals with, from builders, engineers and contractors to architects, designers and estate agents. Yet, his foremost priority remains his clients, which include Americans, Canadians, Scandinavians, Germans, Brits, and Portuguese, among others.  

“The process of creating and constructing a development demands considerable discipline,” the CEO highlighted, underscoring the critical need for synergy and teamwork across the Marketing, Administration, Engineering, Finance, and Sales departments of the developer. Erik is also a co-owner of Palm Properties Portugal, a real estate advisory firm that recently completed a rebranding process. It serves clients worldwide, offering properties ranging from affordable homes to luxurious villas valued at up to €12 million. 

Atrium Liberdade

Since his arrival in the Algarve in 2006, Erik, an entrepreneur boasting over four decades of experience, has dedicated himself to launching new and distinctive projects that enhance the region’s quality of life, where the good weather and pleasant temperatures invite you to live in a privileged location. 

I’ve never been happier,” admitted the Amsterdam-born entrepreneur, who was captivated by the allure of southern Portugal and an Algarvian woman. “My wife, incidentally one of Portugal’s leading notaries, has become an invaluable partner for bouncing off work-related ideas,” Erik shares. His passion and entrepreneurial vision prompted him to leave the Netherlands for a region that he believes has enormous potential. 

The businessman deeply values community life and adapting to local customs, seeing social cohesion, diversity, and a mix of cultures as essential for fostering an environment where everyone can share knowledge, collaborate, support one another, and build economic relationships. This philosophy, combined with his passion for designing new projects and his ambition, is mirrored in the success and uniqueness of his company. 

Carvoeiro Branco excels not just during the purchasing process but also in providing dependable service long after a deal is concluded. The team, primarily composed of Portuguese professionals passionate about the South’s beauty and committed to crafting innovative concepts, is always ready to assist and alleviate any challenges. 

The clients’ interests are secured by a company known for its favourable price-quality ratio. Their various successful developments in the Algarve region, fuelled by Erik’s optimism and his team’s professionalism, hint at exciting prospects: upcoming projects in Carvoeiro, Lagoa, Portimão, and Albufeira are set to broaden Carvoeiro Branco’s influence and facilitate continued growth and opportunity throughout the region.  

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