Discovering TPA: A legacy of legal excellence and ...

Discovering TPA: A legacy of legal excellence and personalised service 

Photo: Teresa Patrício da Silva

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Primarily located in Portugal’s vibrant capital, TPA has been standing out as a beacon of legal expertise and personalised service in the heart of Lisbon. With almost two decades of dedicated service, this boutique law firm has carved a niche for itself, not just through its legal prowess but also through its unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. 

Founded by lawyers Teresa Patrício da Silva and Cláudia Prior Vicente in 2005, TPA has been a steadfast pillar in Portugal’s legal landscape. Over the years, the firm has garnered a reputation for its ethical attitude, professional excellence, and solution-focused law practice, which form the bedrock of its operations. The firm’s unwavering dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards while delivering real and effective legal solutions has earned it the trust of clients from all walks of life. 

Embracing proximity and expansion 

In line with its commitment to deliver a bespoke service, TPA has recently expanded its footprint into the south of Portugal, and has opened a new office in Loulé, in July 2023. This strategic expansion not only reflects the firm’s growth but also underscores its dedication to bringing its exceptional legal services closer to its clients. Even though Algarve clients have been regulars in this law firm, by establishing a presence in Loulé, TPA seeks to further enhance its accessibility and proximity to clients, reaffirming its pledge to be a reliable legal partner for individuals and businesses alike, regardless of where they are in Portugal (or abroad). 

A human-centric approach 

At TPA, ‘human touch’ is at the core of everything they do. Whether it’s addressing the legal needs of private individuals and their families or providing comprehensive legal support to businesses, the firm’s team of legal experts is skilled in tailoring their services to meet the unique requirements of each client. From offering sound legal advice for personal matters to providing viable solutions for businesses, they pride themselves on being a versatile legal ally for its diverse clientele. “Further to the extensive legal knowledge and professionalism we bring to the table, we do everything in an effective and professional way. For us, it is vital that clients, both existing and potential, know they are important; that their needs, questions and doubts deserve being addressed as quickly as possible. We actually all underwent extensive training so we can always put ourselves in their shoes and understand how not having our e-mail or phone call answered feels when we have any legal problem or question, minor as it may be,” Teresa tells us. “That’s why we actually imposed an internal rule whereby any e-mail we receive must be replied within 48 hours max, and the office phone can’t ring more than three times without being answered. It’s hard sometimes given our workload, but we all abide by it, and it makes us very proud, as that too sets us apart”, she adds smiling. 

Multifaceted legal practice 

Boosting a diverse range of legal expertise, TPA covers an array of practice areas to cater to the varied needs of its clients. From corporate law – commercial, tax, labour – to litigation, real estate, immigration, family and inheritance law, the firm’s breadth of legal knowledge enables it to offer comprehensive solutions across different domains to national and foreign clients, both corporate and individual. This multidimensional approach underscores the firm’s commitment to being a one-stop destination for all legal requirements, further solidifying its position as a trusted legal advisor. 

Bridging borders – true international expertise 

In a globalised world, legal matters often transcend geographical boundaries. Recognising this, TPA takes pride in having two English solicitors on its team, Teresa Patrício da Silva and Vicky Rodrigues have been trained and are certified to practice law in both Portugal and the UK. This international expertise not only adds a valuable layer of proficiency to the firm’s capabilities, but also ensures that clients with cross-border legal needs can benefit from seamless and informed counsel. “With our dual qualification as Portuguese lawyers and English Solicitors, we work closely with notaries and other lawyers, preparing, for instance, certificates of English law to instruct cases where the law applicable to a British citizen in Portugal is the law of their nationality. And we also assist our clients in English law certification proceedings, whether in succession or matrimonial matters,” they tell us. 

As the firm continues to expand its horizons, it remains steadfast in its ethos of upholding the highest standards of legal practice while fostering enduring relationships with its clients. With its new office in Loulé and a team of seasoned legal professionals, TPA embodies the perfect synergy of tradition and innovation, blending its rich legacy of legal excellence with a contemporary and client-centric approach, staying true to its ethical practice core values and professional excellence. 

Lisbon: 217 981 030 
Loulé: 289 143 189
[email protected]


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