Algarve shines among the best Portuguese wines at ...

Algarve shines among the best Portuguese wines at the Wine Cities Competition

Marquês dos Vales Wine, by Quinta dos Vales, Lagoa, Algarve Portugal

Algarve wines awarded five medals at the Wine Cities Competition. Portugal’s second edition of the event was held this May in Setúbal, with the award ceremony scheduled for June 11 in Santarém.

The event was held between May 5 and 8 at Setúbal’s Hotel and Tourism School and included a 30-strong jury of experts tasting 346 wines from 55 municipalities.

There were two categories of medals awarded: Grande Medalha de Ouro (Grand Gold Medal) and Medalha de Ouro (Gold Medal).

Avard Wines, Lagoa

Arvad Touriga Nacional, a 2019 red produced by Arvad in Lagoa, was the only Algarve wine to be awarded the top Grand Gold Medal, while the 2019 Reserva red and 2020 Reserva white from Silves’ Barranco do Vale, the Vida Nova Reserva 2018 red from Adega do Cantor in Albufeira and Marquês dos Vales Grande Escolha 2015 red from Quinta dos Vales in Lagoa all received a Gold Medal.

Meanwhile, Lagoa Council has congratulated local winemakers who brought home awards from the contest. “It is, without a doubt, another clear sign of the good quality of wines in the Algarve, and in particular Lagoa,” as Lagoa Mayor Luís Encarnação stated.

The full list of award-winning wines can be found on the contest’s website.

The Wine Cities Competition is organised by the Association of Portuguese Wine Municipalities (AMPV) and Association of Portuguese Wine Routes (ARVP) and is described as a “unique competition in Portugal which aims to promote the wines associated with its territory”.

List of Algarve wines winners:

Grande Medalha de Ouro (red wine)

  • Arvad Touriga Nacional 2019 (Arvad, Lagoa)

Medalha de Ouro (red wine)

Medalha de Ouro (white wine)


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