The perfect western retreat at Vivenda Miranda

The perfect western retreat at Vivenda Miranda

Vivenda Miranda Boutique Hotel

By: Margarida Pimenta

Vivenda Miranda Boutique Hotel, near Lagos, reopens under the Carvoeiro Clube Group

Speaking about the recent acquisition to operate Vivenda Miranda Boutique Hotel by the Carvoeiro Clube Group, managing director Patricia Buerer told Essential: “You should never swap a winning racehorse.” With 30 years of experience in the market and currently responsible for managing eight resorts in the Carvoeiro and Lagoa area, the group, could not be happier with the addition of this which is the first hotel they will be operating.

“We had a sort of blind date at Vivenda Miranda with one of the partners and it was love at first sight. We pondered a lot about the proposals put on the table and reached a Swiss solution (Swiss buyer, seller and manager), which for us is a dream come true,” says Patricia Buerer, CEO of the group made up of equal partners Andreas Stocker and Erik de Vlieger.

Given that this is a hotel that has been in business for over 25 years, and that it is a staple in the Algarve region, but internationally recognised, the idea is to “work hard to offer the best possible quality of service, with a highly qualified team”. With a privileged location, offering unrivalled breathtaking views, Vivenda Miranda has 27 rooms available, a restaurant with a classic Mediterranean menu, a spa with products from French brand Charme D’Orient, a heatable outdoor pool and all the activities you would expect in a 4+ star hotel.

“The two main updates by our group’s operation of Vivenda Miranda were the extension of the kitchen and the construction of an event room on the first floor.” Since the hotel was already popular for organising events, parties and especially weddings, it made sense to consider an additional space that could host such celebrations. All rooms have also undergone the necessary refurbishments to provide guests with maximum comfort and convenience. “We have changed the integrated television system, and guests can now access a range of information, from the restaurant menu and wine lists to their hotel bill, meaning we have ensured functionality and convenience at the highest level.”

Highlighting the location, individuality, privacy, and quality of service as the main reasons that make Vivenda Miranda an unforgettable holiday destination, Patricia Buerer reveals that expectations for the 2021 season are good, despite the current context of uncertainty.

“We expect to be full, especially for the peak summer season, although we are reluctant to make big predictions due to the conjuncture.” Apart from three members of the previous team, all the other 30 or so employees have been recruited by the Carvoeiro Clube group. “We hired the staff in May, so we are confident that the team is well trained and ready to begin working with the expected levels of quality.”

The Mirandus restaurant, with German chef Christoph Voigt, which features a classic Mediterranean menu with fresh and seasonal produce from land and sea, promises to delight the palate of hotel guests or outside diners who wish to be part of a unique dining experience. “We want to make our restaurant and lounge places of choice for anyone even if they are not hotel guests,” reveals the group’s general manager, seeing as one of the brightest points of the dining experience at Mirandus restaurant is the unrivalled sea view.

The opening of Vivenda Miranda Boutique Hotel under the Carvoeiro Clube Group’s management took place last June 11, half a year after the contract was signed. “Some of the reservations we have were already from last year. We have guests who are regulars and who even like to stay in the same rooms. Naturally, we try to meet the expectations of our clients as much as possible,” says Patricia Buerer.

With the desire to “have all aspects of the hotel’s operation under control and to return to the glory days that Vivenda Miranda experienced in previous years”, the director also hopes that the hotel will position itself alongside the “best holiday destinations in the world”.

Confident, realistic, but never indifferent to the impact of the pandemic on the economy and the hotel sector, Patricia Buerer highlights the peace, discretion, and intimacy that a stay at this boutique hotel provides. “Ideal for those who need to relax and reconnect, Vivenda Miranda also boasts morning group or private yoga classes, plus all the spa treatments ideal for deep relaxation.”

The strong management of Vivenda Miranda in the past meant that the Carvoeiro Clube Group’s main concern was, above all, to maintain the high quality already associated with the boutique hotel.

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