Portugal named one of the Top 5 best cuisines in t...

Portugal named one of the Top 5 best cuisines in the world

Portugal named one of the Top 5 best cuisines in the world

Photo: Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato, traditional Portuguese dish, by Sancha Campos, Getty Images

Portugal ranks fourth on TasteAtlas’s ‘100 Best Cuisines in the World’ list compiled by foodies

Every year, the website TasteAtlas compiles a list of the ‘100 Best Cuisines in the World’ based on audience votes.

“Based on 395,205 (271,819 valid) dish ratings, and 115,660 (80,863 valid) food product ratings, these cuisines have recorded the best average ratings for their respective top 50 highest-rated dishes and food products. If two cuisines have the same average rating, the one with the highest-rated dish is ranked higher,” the website explains.

Portugal received the fourth highest score (4.61) in the world, surpassed only by Italian and Japanese cuisine (4.65) and Greek cuisine (4.64).

Chinese cuisine followed in fifth place (4.59), then Indonesia (4.57), Mexico (4.56), France and Spain (4.55) and Peru (4.54) finishing in the top-10.

According to the food website TasteAtlas, Portugal also ranked highly on three other lists

Portugal’s famous dish ‘Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato’ (clams cooked with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and coriander) placed 12th on the list of ‘100 Best Dishes in the World’, whilst ‘Carne de Porco à Alentejana’ (marinated pieces of pork cooked with clams in a lightly spicy, wine-infused sauce) taking the 25th spot on the list.

And on the ‘100 Best Cheeses in the World’ list, Portugal’s ‘Queijo Serra da Estrela’ – a “semi-soft cheese made from the milk of Bordaleira Serra da Estrela and Churra Mondegueira breeds of sheep” – appeared in 5th, followed by ‘Queijo de Azeitão’ – a “semi-soft cheese made from unpasteurised sheep milk” – in 19th, ‘Queijo Serpa’ – a “semi-soft sheep’s milk cheese that’s similar to Pecorino” – in 65th, and ‘Queijo de Cabra Transmontano’ – a “hard cheese made from raw goat milk taken from the Serrana breed” – in 81st.

The cities of Porto (46th) and Lisbon (54th) also made it onto the ‘Best Food Cities and Regions in the World’ list.

Article originally published on Portugal Resident by Michael Bruxo.


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