BMW releases its First Electric Model in History

BMW releases its First Electric Model in History

BMW First Electric - i4 M50 - back view

By: Guilherme Marques

When all cars go electric, so will the BMW M. That story begins now, with the new i4 M50

The first electric BMW in history to bear the M symbol is an important milestone for the Bavarian brand. Within its boldness, BMW opted for a model that was actually quite traditional, a four-door saloon, although the format leaned somewhat towards the coupe.

The i4 M50 churns out 544 horsepower and 795 Nm in the Sport Boost function, which allows it to reach 100km/h in 3.9 seconds and is limited to a top speed of 225km/h.

The M version-specific suspension, dedicated brakes and a proprietary chassis set-up show that BMW M has invested strongly in its debut in this segment, whilst the i4 M50’s drive is primarily characterised by the surprising performance, which is always impressive and makes it one of the fastest cars out there in real-world use.

Of course, the 510km range won’t be achieved that way, but the i4 M50 positively balances the two elements, confirming that electric cars are getting ever closer to a combustion car-like use in terms of eliminating the inevitable compromises inherent to the format. Charging is up to a maximum of 200kWh and there is even an optional sound system called BMW Iconic Sounds Electric developed by Hans Zimmer.

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