Why the Abarth 500e is one of the most fun electri...

Why the Abarth 500e is one of the most fun electric cars in the market right now

New Abarth 500e Acid Green

By: Guilherme Marques

The Abarth 500e is the least conventional electric car out there, and also the most fun

The Abarth 500e is an electric car that has little in common with other electric cars. And that makes it one of the most interesting models in this segment of the market – and by far the most fun.

New Abarth 500e

Carlo Abarth was passionate about competition and turning simple cars into infernal machines capable of rivalling and beating bigger and more powerful opponents.

New Abarth 500e Posion Blue

Abarth has always been synonymous with an extra-vitaminised engine of humble origins, a chassis made for a small Fiat transformed into a lunatic capable of tackling any track and an exhaust sound unique to the Scorpion.

The transition to electric propulsion is naturally and necessarily more complicated for such a brand.

New Abarth 500e Posion Blue

However, the Italian engineers have done a remarkable job.

Using the Fiat 500e as a base, they have achieved the unthinkable: the Abarth 500e is a worthy heir to Carlo Abarth’s legacy and just as fun to drive as any petrol Abarth 500.

New Abarth 500e

With an extremely communicative front and a powerful steering experience, the electric Abarth does not care about efficiency, consumption or saving the planet, abandoning all the politics surrounding energy issues in favour of what matters most in a car that proudly bears the symbol of the Scorpion: driving pleasure. Mission accomplished.

New Abarth 500e


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