Discover the perfect blend of luxury and sustainab...

Discover the perfect blend of luxury and sustainability with CORE & More 

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Nestled in the heart of Algarve, CORE Architects is a distinguished name in the world of architecture and interior design. Founded by the visionary Architect Anabela Macieira, who brings over 20 years of experience and a successful career from Germany, CORE is renowned for its innovative approach that seamlessly blends luxury with sustainability. 

Architect Anabela Macieira

Anabela Macieira’s expertise in ecological architecture and feng shui has positioned CORE Architects as a leader in developing “Passive House” certified projects and NZEB (Near Zero Emission Buildings).

Her unique vision demonstrates that luxury and sustainability not only can coexist but should thrive together. Under her guidance, CORE Architects has set a benchmark in excellence and innovation, creating spaces that are both beautiful and environmentally conscious. 

For over a decade in Portugal, CORE Architects has been harmonising tradition with modernity. In recent years, they have expanded their repertoire to include interior design, evolving into CORE & More.

This transformation embodies their commitment to excellence, where architecture and interior design merge into a continuous symphony of forms, textures, and atmospheres. 

CORE & More believes that creating unique and cohesive spaces requires an integrated approach. The interiors are designed to be in perfect harmony with the building’s architecture, ensuring that every element complements and elevates the other. 

Inspired by traditional and ecological materials from Portuguese architecture – such as clay, wood, and reed – they thoughtfully incorporate natural elements into their projects. The result is spaces that not only impress but also respect and blend harmoniously with their surroundings. 

The one-stop-shop is more than a workspace; it is a creative hub where dreams come to life. Their team of talented and experienced professionals approaches each project with dedication and passion, striving to exceed their clients’ expectations. Whether it’s a private residence, a luxury hotel, or a commercial development, their commitment remains the same: to create unique and memorable spaces that transcend fleeting trends and stand the test of time. 

We invite you to discover what makes CORE & More truly unique. Explore the future of architecture and interior design with CORE & More – where every project is a masterpiece of elegance and environmental harmony.  

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