Morgado do Quintão recognised as “largest organic ...

Morgado do Quintão recognised as “largest organic vineyard” in the Algarve

Morgado Do Quintão Silves Algarve

The recognisition comes as a testament to the the estate’s commitment to sustainable production practices and its authentic and distinctive premium terroir wines

Known for its fusion of tradition and innovation, Morgado do Quintão is celebrating its certification as “the largest organic vineyard in the region”, with the producer taking this opportunity to highlight the significance of transitioning to more environmentally friendly wine-making practices.

This historic vineyard dates back to the 17th century and is an emblematic Algarve property that is proud to mark this milestone.

The owner of Morgado do Quintão, Filipe Caldas de Vasconcellos, emphasises the estate’s commitment to the land and outlook for the region’s future, having progressed from a small family vineyard to a well-established wine project.

Since its inaugural harvest in 2016, the Silves vineyard has been striving for organic certification with its innovative approach to the region and commitment to protecting the local grape varieties of Negra Mole and Crato Branco.

“This is the best way to uphold our heritage and make a meaningful contribution to the future. We are committed to more than just our vineyards; we focus on promoting sustainable agriculture and raising awareness among all, recognising its essential role in current times,” Caldas de Vasconcellos explains.

Its 23 hectares of vines have all been certified, with 70% being dryland and 15 hectares consisting of old vines (some of the oldest in the region). The vineyard area includes 10 grape varieties with a historical presence in the area.

“We are constantly learning and adapting our practices to create a more sustainable future while considering our long-term goals to maximise our positive impact,” states the owner.

With a dedicated team, the practices they implement “are customised to the climate and soil of the region, leading to increased resilience, greater biodiversity in the ecosystem and soil, and improved grape quality”, according to Amândio Cruz, who leads the viticulture team.

As for the project’s winemaker, Joana Maçanita, she emphasises “the use of top agricultural practices and local grape varieties, along with minimal intervention in winemaking, to produce authentic, distinctive, and refined wines, truly reflecting the Algarve region”.

Morgado do Quintão’s tourism operations also reflect a strong commitment to sustainability, with actions such as cultivating vegetables for internal consumption, composting, managing water responsibly, and there is also a solar energy project in the works.

Currently, the Algarve already represents a vineyard area of around 1,400 hectares, half of which is allocated to PGI and DOC quality wines, proving to be an increasingly important wine region in the economy and development of the territory. Given that Morgado do Quintão’s certified vineyard represents no more than 1% of all vineyards in the Algarve, promoting sustainable practices and inspiring other producers to follow suit is crucial.

Morgado do Quintão is a pioneer in preserving the Negra Mole grape variety and emphasises the importance of boosting the region and positioning it as a centre for premium wines with unique characteristics. This includes highlighting its oenological heritage, one-of-a-kind terroir, and sustainable farming methods.

“We can create exceptional wines and provide memorable experiences while taking care of the land that sustains us – the Algarve,” concludes Filipe Caldas de Vasconcellos.

All Morgado do Quintão wines will be certified organic starting with the 2024 harvest.

Article originally published by Alexandra Stilwell on Portugal Resident.


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